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Día de los Muertos

By 06/10/2017 No Comments

Halloween is rocking this year at Paschoe House with a Día de los Muertos party. Our dress code is sugar skull, and, with live music, poisonous cocktails and ghoulish canapés, guests should totally expect the unexpected …

“So what’s with this Día de los Muertos business?” you may well ask. Well, we’re borrowing a page from our cousins way down south in Mexico, who celebrate death on All Hallows Day. It was commonly assumed that the slumbering dead would be insulted if the living showed up at their gravesides to mourn and be gloomy, so the tradition evolved of celebrating the lives of the dead with food, drink, parties and any other activities that they especially enjoyed this side of mortality.

And given how keen we are on fine dining, fine vino and partying we thought we’d take a page out of the Mexican calendar and throw our own Mexico-in-Devon Día de los Muertos party. So, come on over!